Wednesday, December 15, 2004

highlights of yesterday

Party schmarty
As i earlier blogged, we had another xmas party (a sister company) which lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I stuck for a bit in the office, hoping that i can continue on to a half day stretch and leave around 10 am, but my contacts were totally killing me and i forgot my glasses at home. Hence, i had no choice but to go home and take them off before i blind myself.

Slept until the afternoon, only to wake up with a hangover the size of a continent. It hurt to actually blink (must be from the shitty absolut mandarin) and it took me three more hours before i felt human enough to go out and do errands. Didn't attempt to go to work anymore (i don't think i would have functioned properly anyway), instead worked on paying the bills, etc. *sigh* Another domesticated day in the life of lette...

+ + +

girls' night out
Melissa, Mitzy and I decided to do a potluck dinner at Melissa's pad. Had salad, pasta (compliments of moi!) and some really good siomai Melissa made (i didn't eat it, though --- it had pork) while watching Spongebob. We moved on to T.Morato to have some dessert at Cafe Breton (a good choice!) and split crepes of all sorts. Capped the night off at Chili's for some margaritas and ended up pretty buzzed! tee-hee.

We ended up kinda wasted and laughing, with Melissa talking about her standards of dating and guys, Mitzy exasperatedly talking about her being "poor" in Iowa and me well, pretty much absorbing everything happening. We were having laughing fits all the way home that we never even noticed Melissa's missing keys 'till we were in front of her pad. Luckily, the driver was really nice and honest, he gave the keys to the guard downstairs who rang us up about it. whew!

+ + +

Jason called just a few minutes ago!!! :-D Yehey!!!!

I really miss his voice! Yes, i am THAT excited and giddy (notice all the exclamation points)--- he's in LA at a friend's house, so we got to talk longer through the landline. God, i really miss him a lot. It's really weird how one's life can go back to normal yet somehow feel that there's something different --- i mean, we each are living apart for now, and we've pretty much settled back to the individual lives we led before getting together, but it feels like we should be together while doing these stuff, y'know? *sigh* I just miss him so much... can't wait till next year!

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